Council asks U.S. Postal Service to reconsider site

| 21 Feb 2012 | 10:44

    VERNON - The township is asking the postal service to reject its current bids for a new post office in the A&P shopping plaza as the council continues to look at fitting the building into its plans for a new town center. The resolution, which was passed at Monday's council meeting, was a more "generic" resolution, according to town attorney Joseph Ragno. It lists three possible sites for relocation and plans for a "dialogue" between the postal service and town manager and engineer to share information regarding the town center project. "I know you have a vision for the community, and I respect that," said Emil Cimorelli, Vernon postmaster, appearing before the council. Cimorelli warned that there is a time element, and the deadline for the project was a "matter of a few weeks away." Deputy mayor Janet Morrison, who abstained from the vote, said the post office was at the top of the list to follow up on. "The last thing we want is the unintended consequence of scotching the whole deal," said Morrison. The town would like the post office to focus on a location in the town center or Church Street, according to Ragno. Town manager Don Teolis will educate the postal service on the whole town center project, as the post office was not originally privy to the town's long-range plans, said Councilman Neil Desmond.