Congressional incumbents unopposed - June 8 primaries nearing

| 21 Feb 2012 | 10:45

    SUSSEX COUNTY n A host of uncontested races will face those voting for state, federal, and county officials in the June 8 primaries, with only a few nominations up for grabs. U.S. Rep. F. Scott Garrett (R-5th District) heads the list of uncontested candidates. His opponent will be the winner of the Democratic primary between challengers Frank Fracasso and Dorothea Anne Wolfe. The other congressional district that represents Sussex County is held by incumbent Republican Congressman Rodney P. Frelinghuysen (R-11th District), who is also unopposed in the primary, as is his Democratic challenger, James W. Buell. Sheriff Robert E. Untig and Surrogate Nancy Fitzgibbons are both unopposed. Freshman Congressman Garrett, who lives in Wantage, was sworn in to the 108th Congress in January, 2003 and serves on the House Financial Services and Budget Committees and the Financial Services Oversight and Financial Institutions Subcommittees. Garrett's congressional concerns are a stronger economy, a more secure homeland, the defeat of terrorism and an improved quality of life for his constituents. Garrett supports President George W. Bush's efforts regarding the economy, the war on terror, a permanent department of homeland security, and the president's No Child Left Behind Act of 2002. "Economic prosperity begins by cutting taxes, which puts more money back into the pockets of Americans and spurs growth and investment in our businesses," says Garrett on his website. "More money in our businesses means more jobs and security for all Americans." Democrat Frank Fracasso, an international trade specialist, security systems professional and small-business owner and author from Newton, is running against Dorothea Anne Wolfe, a resident of Mahwah and former chairwoman of the Bergen County Improvement Authority. Wolfe resigned her position earlier this year to pursue her candidacy. Fracasso, concerned about the state of the economy, says he will improve prosperity, ensure security and "root-out crass politics." He says he would protect the environment by curbing urban sprawl and constructing an underground rail system to alleviate traffic congestion within the 5th district. "Our economy used to be the envy of the world," said Fracasso. "Gas is at $2 a gallon and the Republicans are proposing more tax breaks for big oil companies...there is a real sense that our nation is moving in the wrong direction." Wolfe, who campaigned for Senator John Kerry in 1972 and allied herself with presidential candidate George McGovern, is concerned that the current climate in Washington threatens the "sanctity of our constitution." "The current administration has altered the balance of our three systems of government drastically," she says in a campaign statement. "I want to ensure that the voices of the hard-working Americans are heard." Rep. Frelinghuysen, a Vietnam veteran and a congressman since 1994, serves on the House Appropriations Committee. He is also a member of the Defense Appropriations Subcommittee. He supports Bush in the war on terrorism, homeland security and the revitalization of the economy. Democratic Challenger James W. Buell lives in Mount Olive, where he is a member of the township council. The 5th Congressional District includes parts of Bergen, Passaic, and Sussex Counties and all of Warren County. The 11th Congressional District includes parts of Essex, Passaic, Somerset and Sussex Counties.