Donors provide much-needed materials to SCCC programs

Newton. Donations of engine parts, steel, and even cars will allow students to gain hands-on experience in the auto and welding fields.

Newton /
| 28 Jul 2020 | 06:39

Local industry leaders have been showing immense support to Sussex County Community College’s technology programs through generous materials donations that have even included cars.

Jason Fruge, program supervisor for the Automotive Technology and Welding Programs, says these donations will allow students to gain priceless hands-on experience in the auto and welding fields.

Recent donations have benefited both the automotive tech program and the welding program:

• Franklin Sussex Auto Mall’s Bob Young and Jon Skiver donated a car

• Franklin Sussex Auto Mall’s Bob Young also donated 9 engine assemblies and components

• McGuire Chevrolet donated an SUV

• Mark Russo and Subaru University donated 7 engine assemblies and 3 transmission assemblies

• AirGas donated about 1,000 pounds of stock medium grade steel plates

• A private donor – an adjunct professor at the college – also donated a car.

The donated steel will be used by the welding program to train students in a variety of welding methods. The vehicles will be “bugged” by staff to simulate real-life scenarios.

“The vehicles, engines, and transmissions will allow us to build our hands-on portions of training while adding inventory,” said Fruge. “This will create a one-to-one work environment as we begin training post-Covid-19 so we can practice safely.”

This also allows students to problem-solve their own projects and help reduce group work.

“We’re grateful for all of the support local businesses have provided to our technology and career programs at Sussex,” said Sussex President Jon Connolly. “With this support, we can continue to grow our degree and certification programs and provide the best education we can to our students.”

The Automobile and Welding Programs are housed in the McGuire Technical Educational Center on Main Street in Newton.