Board turns thumbs down to Spring Creek

| 21 Feb 2012 | 10:47

    VERNON-The Environmental Commission at its last meeting approved a memo to the Vernon zoning board, recommending that the board vote against a section of an amended preliminary site plan application and amended use variance submitted by Spring Creek Holding Company, Inc. Section II of this proposal includes 147 housing units built around Legends Resort. The commission cited its concerns that the proposed construction falls on property that exceeds town and state limits for degree of slope. The commission was also concerned that the construction would result in "the removal of the vast majority of the trees, and the disruption of nearly all of the vegetation that currently exists there." This has the possibility of resulting in potentially destructive run-off from the site, according to the memo. In addition to these concerns, the ridge within the section "provides a natural visual backdrop to the farms fronting Route 94" and is a "gateway view-shed," the memo stated. It added that the a goal of the town master plan is to protect the ridgeline of Hamburg Mountain.