40-year-old High Point record falls to Fitzpatrick

| 21 Feb 2012 | 10:50

    wantage - High Point senior Tracy Fitzpatrick broke a four-decade-old school soccer record last week when she scored her 142nd point and became the highest point scorer in the school's history, boys and girls. Breaking records is nothing new for Fitzpatrick, who holds the record for most goals scored in freshman varsity soccer, most goals scored in a single season - 2003 - and most career points with still most of the 2004 season left to play. Fitzpatrick, who practices six days a week, is very modest about her achievements. "We have a really good team, and though I may score the goals it's really about working together as a team," she said. Kevin Fenlon, who has been the Girls Varsity Soccer coach for eight years, has seen many talented players come and go. "I would definitely have to say- at the risk of giving her a big head - Tracy is by far the most talented player that I have had in my program," he said. "When you see a player with almost equal assets in goals and assists, that's the sign of a real team player. Her determination and will to win rubs off on the other players." Fitzpatrick also runs varsity track and holds the school records in the 400m hurdles, the 100m hurdles and the long and triple jump. "I have a natural athletic ability, which I get from my dad, and my mom is very strong, so I think that a lot of my success is to do with genes," she said. "I guess the fact that I am aggressive helps me too." Tracy has an older sister and a younger brother and is hoping to attend Moravian College in Pennsylvania in 2005. "It has a reputation for being a good soccer school, and though I love sports, I will probably major in Education or Journalism," she said. Currently the High Point Girls Varsity Soccer team is in first place in the SCIL and is ranked first in West Jersey and sixteenth in the state.