Local Fairleigh Dickinson student

| 29 Sep 2011 | 02:41

    to study hospitality industry in Italy Madison, N.J. - Fairleigh Dickinson University seniors who are majoring in hotel restaurant and tourism will spend their spring break in Italy as part of a one-week study abroad course. Valerie L. Panek of West Milford is one of the students who will participate in multiple tours and seminars focused on the history and elegance of the Italian hospitality industry. This course will also give them opportunity to study different approaches to management in the hospitality industry, including the functions of human resources, organizational systems, the law, and environmental issues. “Our hospitality majors are required to experience Europe,” said Dr. Richard Wisch, director of the FDU program. “Italy is the perfect place to provide our students with an opportunity to learn about the vast influence that the Italian culture has had on the culinary arts and the hospitality business.” Students are staying at the historic Hotel Posta, situated in the heart of the famous centre of Reggio Emilia, overlooking Prampolini Square. Near to the Cathedral and the Town Hall (where the Italian flag was born in 1797), the theaters, banks, shops, and restaurants, the students will be briefed on the history of the hotel and nearby historical locations by the owner of the Hotel Posta. They will shop at the Florence Central market; their purchases will be used to prepare a meal at the Apicius Culinary Institute. In Parma, students will observe pasta manufacturing in the Barilla Pasta Factory, visit its gastronomic library, and lunch in the Barilla Academia training room. Later, in Modena, they will visit a Parmesan cheese manufacturing plant, a local winery, and the Ferrari Museum. In Bologna, students will have lunch and take a “back of the house” tour of the leading Hotel of the World - Grand Hotel Galioni. In operation since 1903, the hotel is the former residence of the Carrega Bertolini Princes. Students will also visit the Casali winery and tour the Cavazzone property.