Where in Ogdensburg?

| 24 Nov 2021 | 07:44

Congratulations to readers who knew where to find the detail in last week’s Where in Ogdensburg? clue.

Several readers have a personal connection. “Easy one!” writes Earl Hornyak of Ogdensburg. “Ogdensburg Public School. How about this: My father and his siblings, my own four siblings, my wife’s mother and her sibling, my wife’s four siblings, as well as our own three children ALL attended that school! I taught there for 30 years and my son and nephew currently work there. Great place!”

Nancy Dolan of Ogdensburg writes, “The Ogdensburg Public School on Main Street which I attended from first grade through eighth. Graduated 1954.”

Jonathan Gellatly, Mary DeMeo, and Rebecca Ross of Ogdensburg; Debbie Roberts of Oak Ridge; and David Cole of Franklin also got the answer right.

Thank you for playing along.