Where in Ogdensburg?

| 17 Dec 2020 | 11:16

Congratulations to readers who knew where to find the detail in last week’s Where in Ogdensburg? Clue.

“First it was the school. Then it was the firehouse. Now it is the Ogdensburg Historical Building. A lot of history in that building,” writes Nancy Dolan of Ogdensburg.

Rose Marie Gammaro, also of Ogdensburg, adds the following to her correct answer: “An additional tidbit is for you to know is that Geri and Buddy Decker, of Ogdensburg made these festive wreaths.”

Others to get it right are Linda Waszut, Tracy Merwede, Jonathan Gellatly, Earl N. Hornyak, and Rebecca Franek of Ogdenburg; Melissa France of Stockholm.

Thank you for playing along.