Where in Franklin?

| 19 Aug 2021 | 02:09

Congratulations to readers who recognized the detail in last week’s Where in Franklin? clue.

“It is the bridge at the Franklin Dam,” writes President / Ex-Chief Leonard Helmstetter II FEFA, who provides some interesting background with his answer. “The Park Project was funded by the members of the Franklin Exempt Firemen’s Association, Senator Robert Littell secured both matching bridges, with the work of Chairman Claude Paddock and Co-Chairman Nestor Delatorre, and the exempts members. If you drive by the Dam at night the lighting of the falls was also accomplished by Chairman James Williams and the exempt association for the beatification of the Franklin Pond Area.”

Others to get the answer right are Debbie Robert of Oak Ridge; Kathy Jackson of Hamburg; Debbie Sewell and Karen Stecher of Franklin; Earl Hornyak and of Ogdensburg; and Frank Fasolo of Franklin. Great job everybody.

Thank you for playing along.