Where in Franklin?

| 11 Feb 2021 | 12:28

Congratulations to all the readers who correctly identified the scene in last week’s Where in Franklin? clue.

Andrew J. Bartek of Franklin writes: “First section of Franklin Pond from Route 517. Next section is the beach area and bridges, fields and play area and pavilion next to basketball court. I usually walk in the morning and late afternoon.”

A beautiful place to walk, indeed. Other readers to get it right are Jonathan Gellatly and Tracy L. Merwede of Ogdensburg; Debbie Roberts of Oak Ridge; Brian Glynn Jr., Delores McDonough, and David Cole of Franklin; Pamela Perler of Hamburg; and AnnaRose Fedish of Lafayette. Nice work.

And congrats to Debbie Roberts for also getting the previous week’s clue, Portofino’s Restaurant in Oak Ridge, correct. We received her answer too late for press time.

Thank you for playing along.