PSS offers web questionaire for child development assessment

Youth. Project Self-Sufficiency has an online web tool called "Ages & Stages," which aims to help parents assess their child's development.

| 04 Mar 2020 | 12:55

Parents who are concerned about their youngster’s developmental progress can now jump start the assessment process by accessing an online questionnaire through the Project Self-Sufficiency website. The Ages & Stages Questionnaire is designed to focus on the areas of communication, gross and fine motor skills, and social development. After parents complete the online questionnaire regarding their child’s development, an Early Childhood Specialist follows up with parents to address concerns and connect them to resources to support the child’s needs. The Ages & Stages Questionnaire is a service of the Early Childhood Specialist program at Project Self-Sufficiency, a three-year program funded by the New Jersey Department of Children and Families.

The Ages & Stages initiative is a natural extension of the services provided by Project Self-Sufficiency explains Deborah Berry-Toon, Executive Director of Project Self-Sufficiency. “Project Self-Sufficiency has referred local families to area resources for many years as part of our case management, central intake and home visitation services. The Ages & Stages questionnaire is an important tool to help connect parents to the resources they need for their child’s development.”

The Early Childhood Specialist program operates in alignment with Project Self-Sufficiency’s established programs including Sussex Warren Project Family Connect Central Intake, the Sussex County Council for Young Children and the Sussex County Family Success Center. Sussex Warren Project Family Connect Central Intake is provided by Project Self-Sufficiency through a grant from the New Jersey Department of Health. The one-stop source for information links individuals to medical, educational and social services which can enhance their overall health and quality of life, including health care, maternal infant and early childhood home visitation programs, domestic violence shelters and support services; educational alternatives; family support programs; financial assistance; employment training; infant and child care; early intervention; referral to emergency housing and utility assistance services; as well as programs for senior citizens, veterans, and other community services and programs.

The Family Success Center at Project Self-Sufficiency is a program of support offered to all families. In addition to parenting skills training, local families can participate in family activities, receive information about health and nutrition, take part in economic self-sufficiency programs, receive legal education, obtain referrals, and other services throughout the year.

Project Sussex Kids, the Sussex County Council for Young Children, is funded by the New Jersey Department of Children and Families and focuses on the health, education and safety of the prenatal to age 8 population and their families. The program has a meeting structure that incorporates a Steering Committee, a Special Needs Subcommittee, a Spanish Families Subcommittee and a General Council whose aim is to provide education and connect families to community resources.

Project Self-Sufficiency is a community-based non-profit organization which specializes in services for low-income families in northwestern New Jersey. Programs offered at Project Self-Sufficiency include family literacy education, computer training and job placement services, assistance with parenting skills, childcare, counseling and advocacy, referrals, and help with emergency basic needs. For information about the programs and services offered by Project Self-Sufficiency, visit or call 973-940-3500 or 844-807-3500. Information about the Sussex County Family Success Center can be found at while Project Sussex Kids can be accessed at