3 Pieces of Lab Equipment Any Emergency Room Needs

| 01 Jun 2019 | 02:37

    Working in an emergency room is a very intensive and stressful environment to work in. Just imagine a regular day at your nearest emergency room, a doctor seeing a person who broke his leg, another person suffering a cardiac arrest, or trying to figure out how to take out a bullet from a person that has been shot. You can just imagine if a major tragic event were to take place and the nearest emergency room gets flooded. The intensity will go through the roof. However, working in an emergency room also means that you need to rely on equipment and materials for doctors to do their jobs. There are 3 essential pieces that an emergency room needs.

    1. Disposable garments

    This general lab equipment is standard in all labs and emergency rooms. Especially during an outbreak of a pandemic. Disposable equipment and garments will help to stop the spreading of germs and bacteria into the environment. From gloves, masks, frocks, bouffants, and shoe covers protect doctors and medical staff from contracting a virus or bacteria. Also, they are disposable and are more comfortable to wear. In terms of cost, it is cheaper to have garments that are re-usable rather the disposable ones. But since bacteria and germ contamination is a huge concern for hospitals, disposables are most likely to be chosen. However, reusable garments have the advantage of saving money in the long run since the quality material is made to last.

    2. Oximetry

    This equipment is essential for nurses to take a person’s blood pressure and oxygen levels. This is to find out if the patient heart is either normal or is having high blood pressure. This will help doctors asses the care that the patient needs or if a patient is has suffered a heart attack. This device will tell the doctor if the patient is at high risk of a heart attack or not. Having a nurse taking your blood pressure is a standard procedure whether you are at your nearest emergency room or your doctor’s office.

    3.Cabinet storage

    In every clinic and hospital, cabinet storage is essential. Having your medical supplies and general lab equipment organized and stored will facilitate medical staff. Medical offices will most likely have multiple storage cabinets to store certain supplies such as syringes, gloves, or blood samples. For example, blood samples and urine samples would be stored in a refrigerator or freezer. Some medical clinics will designate a specific cabinet to store medicines and it will be categorized so it can be easier to find.

    Overall, having medical supplies stored in cabinets is a must-have.

    Final thoughts on essential medical equipment

    These are one of the three pieces of lab equipment that an emergency room needs. Apart from other essential equipment such as the stethoscope, ventilators, wheelchairs, heart monitors and refrigerators step stools are needed to treat patients that are in need of critical care. Also, it is important to note that obesity is a huge epidemic now in days. On a side note having weight scale especially scales that can weigh up to 1,000 pounds for people that are morbidly obese is a must-have. In regards to bacteria spread it is important to also have in mind the need to have cleaning agents that are anti-microbial.

    To have an overall conclusion, every single medical supply and equipment is essential in an emergency room in a hospital. From assisting patients, containing bacterias from spreading, storing critical supplies and medicine, and keep all the necessary equipment at hand is a part of working in a clinic, hospital, and especially in an emergency room.

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