Are today's LED bulbs really ready for prime time, or should I wait?

| 24 Jul 2014 | 09:15

    There is no reason today NOT to switch to LEDs. Overall, they provide excellent quality of light that is equal if not better than traditional light sources. In general, they provide typically 20x the life of traditional bulbs. LEDs come in various colors of white….from warm to cool… match what you are replacing. Warm would be similar to incandescent (2700-2800K) color temperature. Cool would be approx. 4000K, similar to cool white. Daylight or blue-white would be approx. 5000K. And don't forget, you can also get LEDs in vibrant colors such as red, blue, green, amber, etc. etc. for those decorative color schemes. Have some fun with color!

    Last but not least is the energy savings you will enjoy. Approx. 85% of your cost of light is the cost of electricity to operate traditional light bulbs. With LEDs, you can reduce your lighting electrical costs dramatically. Businesses understand this….they look for a good Return on Investment which is apparent when switching to LEDs. You can too! Yes, LEDs are ready for prime time!