Welcome back, Welcome Party

Milford. “All Trails Lead to Milford” is the theme as the pandemic eases and a treasured Milford tradition returns on June 19.

| 02 Jun 2021 | 01:50

With the McDade Trail, Pinchot Greenway, and trails to the Knob, Cliff Trail and elsewhere emanating from Milford Borough, “All Trails Lead to Milford” is the apt theme for this year’s annual Welcome Party to benefit the Milford Enhancement Committee.

The Welcome Party returns on Saturday, June 19, after a one-year pandemic-induced hiatus. Following current Centers for Disease Control (CDC) Covid protocols, the event will be held outside under an open-sided tent in Milford Borough.

The Lost Ramblers, a string band that specializes in bluegrass and “old time” music will be performing.

“We’ve got a great group of co-chairs that includes people new to our community as well as those who were born here or have deep roots in Pike County,” said co-chair Eileen Smith, who is also serving as the event’s overall coordinator. “I’m especially enthusiastic about having the Lost Ramblers perform!”

In addition to the live musical performance from the Lost Ramblers, the event will feature great food, donated by more than 20 local restaurants, wine and beer and a live auction.

The money raised by the Welcome Party helps the Milford Enhancement Committee make the county seat a better place to live, visit, and do business. The results are seen in new sidewalks, curbing, landscaping, and historic lighting throughout the business district. The last party, in 2019, was attended by 300 people and raised $70,000.

“The Welcome Party builds stronger networks within our community and helps the Milford Enhancement Committee continue to invest in Milford,” noted co-chair Tom Hoff, whose family has hosted the Welcome Party in recent years on the empty lot next to their home on Ann Street.

Donations to the auction are still being accepted. For more information email MilfordEnhancementCommittee@gmail.com.

Essential information

When: Saturday, June 19, from 3 to 7 p.m.

Where: 108 West Ann St. Milford Borough

How much: $50

Tickets: Email MilfordEnhancement.com or mail a check payable to “MEC” POB 1172, Milford PA. 18337

Information: Call Eileen Smith at 570-832-4789 or email MilfordEnhancementCommittee@gmail.com

Eileen & Scott Smith
Richard Morais & Robert Radley
Tom Hoff & Bonnie Crellin
Larry & Teresa O’Leary
Pike County Light & Power and Scott & Eileen Smith
Eric & Barbara Boe
Marc Scarduffa & Bertrand Buchin
Luke & Krista Turano
Reggie Cheong-Leen
David Lender & Judy White
Bill Rosado & Karen Guest
Michael & Roberta Martin & Family
Steven and Betty Martin
Wayne Bank
Litzenberger Family Foundation
Doug Manion & Megan Strub and Amy Lehman-Strickler
Rosann Kalish & Jim Pedranti
Susan Pfuhler & Jean Murphy/JEM Screenprinting
Fred & Susan Weber
Dale & Yana Thatcher
Tom Hoff & Bonnie Crellin
Karl & Colleen Wagner III
Kim Kowalik & Tim Smith
Amy Kates & Muhamed Saric
Rene & Vincent Dellarocca
David & Julie Barol
Beth Billyard & Darryl Rideout
Jackie & George Borecky
Ron & Barbara Demczak
John Dileo & Michael White
Ian Domowitz
Joe & Maureen Dooley
Dr. Maria G. Farrell
Ed Gavalla/Jesse G’s Nursery
Jamie Harris & Mark Isom
Bill & Patsy Kiger
The Dime Bank
Dennis & Elizabeth Bouquot
Verne Kreger Jr. & Lynn Nordstrom
Richard & Rebecca Lindsey
Bill & Gerrie Lovejoy
Greg & Pat Lutfy
Sonda & Lee Miller
Amy & Ken Ferris
Jim & Doris Mooney
Carol Needleman
Michael & Catherine Peacock
Justin Pfaff & Jared Shockcor
George Preoteasa & Renee Gerber
Diego Rivera
Duke & Joan Schneider
Diane Smith & Roger Picker
Susanne Smith
Carissa & John Souza
Sean Strub & Xavier Morales
Albert & Joan Waldman
Carol Witschel
Richard & Steven Bloomer-Teague
Rob Ciervo/Riverside Kitchen & Bath
Tracey Vitchers
Glyn & Elizabeth Eisenhauer
Marian Keegan
Kate Horan & Leland Flath
Amy & Ken Ferris
Edson & Barbara Whitney
David Stone
Bill & Bernadette Schilling
Lynne-Ann Walsh
Ed & Ellen Silverstone
Karen Haycox
Lorraine Gregory
Ed & Adriana Gragert
Arthur Zeroulias & Belinda Doyle
Heidi Braun
Josh Sapan
Ted Metzger
Tamara Chant
Joseph Logan
Larry & Teresa O’Leary
John Thompson
Chuck & Celeste O’Neil
Thomas Stukane
Geoff & Nancy Pitcher
Dave & Maryann Ruby
Reginald Charlot & Dr. Tucker Woods
Julie & Andrew Wilshinsky