‘Victorian Dress from Head to Toe’ coming to the Jefferson Museum

Jefferson. Each room will feature a different part of dressing the Victorian family, with gowns, outer wear, accessories, undergarments, and lingerie on display.

| 11 Apr 2021 | 07:48

The Jefferson Township Historical Society museum will present the exhibit “Victorian Dress from Head to Toe,” created by the historical society’s costume department.

The museum will join other Morris County museums and historic sites for “Pathways of History” on Sunday, May 2, from noon to 4 p.m.

Vintage pieces from the museum and private collections, along with reproductions of the late Victorian period (1870-1900) up to 1920, will be displayed throughout the building.

Each room of the museum will feature a different part of dressing the Victorian family. Gowns, outer wear, accessories, undergarments, and lingerie will be on display. Many special pieces are being taken from archival storage. Informational signage will address many of the myths of Victorian clothing.

Docents and guides in period dress will help visitors through the exhibit.

Miss Elizabeth’s Garden plantings are labeled for self-guided tours. Miss Elizabeth’s Shoppe in the original kitchen will also be open during these hours to offer vintage and new items for sale.

The museum is located on 315 Dover-Milton Road in the Historic Milton Village section of Jefferson Township. Pandemic guidelines will be followed. Masks are required for entry.

For more information, visit jeffersontownship.net/360/historicalsociety; email Christine Williams, Jefferson Township Historical Society president; at president.jhs@jeffersontownship.net; or email the curator at museum.jhs@jeffersontownship.net.