‘The Wizard of Oz'

| 29 Sep 2011 | 02:38

This year Sparta High School will present “The Wizard of Oz.” This will be director Angela Davis’s 11th musical. Assisting her are senior directors Cody Dericks and Greg Proulx. Because of its huge cast, almost 100 students were able to participate. Sara Melberger will play Dorothy, Tom Young will appear as the Scarecrow, Auge Perna as the Lion, Luke Huelsenbeck as the Tin Man, Louise Mayer as Glinda, and Anna David as the Witch. Due to the new tax laws in New Jersey, the students were almost unable to perform the play because of a copyright issue. But they followed the yellow brick road and were given the stamp of approval by using boosters to pay for the rights. Performances are scheduled for March 23, 27, and 28. Tickets are $8.