Springfest will feature orchid exhibits

| 29 Sep 2011 | 02:11

Augusta — The new sun-drenched custom conservatory at the Springfest Flower & Garden Show will feature an exhibition of the orchid, a flower recognized as both a popular houseplant and an elusive native wildflower. Springfest will host the American Orchid Society members as they share their passion and knowledge at this year’s show, to be held at the Sussex County Fairgrounds, March 12 to 15. Ron Midgett, PhD and Cynthia Brighton of New Earth Orchids will be among the many orchid exhibitors. Midgett said, “Seeing blooming orchids on your windowsill or table while the sun still struggles to warm the earth is breathtaking. Each plant is an inspiring expression of beauty and grace. Each one is a conversation waiting to begin.” In recent years, orchids have rocketed to the second most popular house plant in America behind the seasonal poinsettia, and for good reason. Foremost is the exotic beauty of their long lasting flowers — three months or more. Because of the variety of orchids, it usually possible to find a plant that will grow in almost any setting, on a windowsill or table. Other orchids grow very well under artificial lights. The Grand Champion orchid of the 2006 New York International Orchid Show was grown by an amateur enthusiast under lights in her basement. Still others embrace the summer living outside under shade. The exhibitors will be creating a display garden overflowing with varieties to suit every grower. Orchid experts, including New York Botanical Garden’s Ellen Zachos, will unravel the mysteries of this plant with lectures and demonstrations including a hands-on potting workshop. Hobbyists and commercial growers alike will compete in an American Orchid Society sanctioned show. Orchid growers from throughout the east coast will display and sell plants and orchid growing supplies and advise visitors on how to grow these lovely flowers in their homes. For more information or to register for the competition, call 973-948-9448 or visit www.springfestgardenshow.org.