Sparta books noted by NY Times

| 28 Sep 2011 | 02:17

    SPARTA-According to an article in the Nov. 21 New York Times, "sometimes you need to curl up with a good bookstore" and Sparta Books is just the place to do that. In fact, in the same article, Sparta Books is named among the top 10 in the state of New Jersey. "So true," says Sherry Rossi, manager of Sparta Books, referring to a comment that the mega bookstores just want to sell "units", while "we want to sell books." Sparta Books caters to a broad spectrum of the Sussex County population. Children find story hours and comfortable furniture; students find everything they need for their current studies and adults from the mystery-reader to the lover of biographies to hobbyists of all types treasure the wealth and variety of books. More importantly, though, customers of all genres find expertise. Rossi explains, "We want Sparta Books to be the type of place where neighbors meet, chat and feel comfortable." Sparta Books opened in 1965 with 600 square feet and Carol Viall purchased it in 1986. Since that time, Sparta Books has moved to a more visible location and has grown to 2,400 square feet. Last year, Sparta Books was nominated for the Lucile Micheels Pannell Award, which recognizes and publicly applauds the work of booksellers who stimulate, promote and encourage children's and young people's interest in books. Sparta Books is located 41 Theatre Center, Sparta.