Space and astronomy are in focus

| 29 Sep 2011 | 02:21

    Wantage — Sussex County is looking up as the International Year of Astronomy is celebrated at the Sussex-Wantage Library. Images taken at the private Wantage Observatory and at other local observatories is now on display at the library. Included are far-off galaxies whose light traveled for millions of years before arriving here. Each image is accompanied by a brief description. Starting Feb. 19, the library will present a series of programs designed to encourage people to take a look at the night sky and discover all the universe has to offer. The series kicks off on Thursday, Feb. 19 at 7 p.m. with the film “Seeing in the Dark”, which tells the story of amateur astronomy. The film will be followed by a short presentation of the science being done at the Wantage Observatory by amateur astronomer Al Carcich. Then on March 7, Carcich will offer a program on the momentous discoveries made by scientists, and the impact of those discoveries. Everyone attending will take home a special handout or two. Other presentations and observing events will be held in the spring and summer. The program was designed by Carcich, owner of Frame Works of Sussex in Wantage. Frame Works is sponsoring the events, along with the Sussex-Wantage Library,, and Pre-registration is a must for all events at the library. For more information, contact the Sussex-Wantage Branch Library at 973-875-3940. Contact Frame Works at 973-702-2023 or