Rita Joyce is guest artist for Summer Arts Exhibit at Van Kirk Museum

Sparta. “Rita Joyce: Evolution of an Artist” will open at the Van Kirk Museum on June 13 and remain open on the seconde and fourth Sundays of June, July and August, from 1-4 p.m.

| 28 May 2021 | 12:01

Sparta Historical Society presents “Rita Joyce: Evolution of an Artist” opening Sunday, June 13th.

Rita Joyce, a well known California artist now living in Sparta, will be displaying her paintings at the Van Kirk Homestead Museum as part of the ongoing community summer arts exhibit sponsored by the Sparta Historical Society. This painting exhibit will be open for viewing at the Van Kirk Homestead Museum on second and fourth Sundays of June, July and August from 1-4 p.m .

Originally from California and now residing in Sparta, Rita Joyce began painting as a young girl. However, it was her first sale, when she was 17, to a popular soap opera actress that got things started. She is known for her original paintings that capture and reflect shadow and light with a vibrant pallet. Ms. Joyce works in oils, watercolors and mixed media, often enhancing her work with metal leaf, powder and collage. Her subjects are wildlife, florals, natural forms and abstracts. She states “Sparta is a magical place full of inspiration.” Since moving to Sparta, the autumn and winter seasons have whispered to her and tapped her creative psyche.

In addition, the museum’s first floor will be opened to visitors with its updated permanent exhibits.

Masks must still be worn inside.