Lumber Jacks and Jills chop up the competition

Augusta. Guys and gals will chop, throw, roll and split wood at the New Jersey State Fair/Sussex County Farm and Horse Show’s Lumberjack Competition August 6.

| 21 Jul 2022 | 03:43

Prepare to be wowed as men and women chop wood, toss axes, roll logs and complete more challenges at the 2022 New Jersey State Fair’s Lumber Jack & Jill Competition sponsored by Montague Tools & Supply Company. The annual competition will be held at the Franklin Sussex Automall Outdoor Arena on Saturday, August 6 at 6 p.m.

“The lumberjack competition has been around probably since the start of the fair,” said Fair Manager Mike Richards.

Montague Tools & Supply Company’s owner, Bill Oswald, took over the helm of the Lumberjack Competition around 2002. “I ‘inherited’ the competition when another company bowed out,” he explained.

Montague Tools Service Manager Terry O’Donnell does much of the work for the Lumberjack Competition.

“We primarily sponsor and run the whole competition from start to finish, everything from setting up to actually running the competitors through every stage and every event,” he said. “Some events are timed while others are based upon points scored, and we do the timing and provide the prizes.”

The Chainsaw Competition, for example, is timed and is based on who cuts through the most wood. In contrast, the Axe Throwing Competition is based on points.

This year, due to an increase in participants, all partner events are limited to one partner per competition, and only the Jack and Jill events will be awarded prizes.

Here are the rules and regulations for this year’s competitions:

Wood Chopping:

1. Eye protection required

2. No restrictions are placed on type and size of axe

3. Chopping Blocks will be provided (first come, first served)

Log Rolling Contest:

1. Eye protection required.

2. Two-person team must propel a log resting against two stakes in the ground a distance of 30 feet to a second set of stakes using cant hooks or peaveys only. The log must contact both stakes at the far end of the field at the same time and must then come to rest against the first pair to finish. No hands and feet may be used.

Two-Person Crosscut Saw Contest:

1. Eye protection required

2. One cut down a 8”x 8” square log

3. Divisions are Men, Women, Jack & Jill

Wood Splitting Contest:

1. Eye protection required.

2. Each contestant will be given three or four pieces of wood, each approximately 2’ long, with a 3” dot painted in the center. Each piece must be split into 4 pieces, each having a portion of the dot on it.

3. Contestants will supply their own splitting mauls. No restrictions will be placed on the design of the maul

Axe Throwing Contest

1. Eye protection required.

2. One practice, and three throws for scoring

Chainsaw Contest

1. Eye protection, hardhat, and chaps required.

2. No hot saws allowed.

In the men’s division, there will be three cuts: down, up, down.

In the women’s division, will be three cuts: all down.

Due to safety reasons there will be no sharing in large class saw (for men & women). If you do not bring a large saw, do not sign up for this class.

Log Felled Contest

Eye protection is required as well as hardhat, and chaps. There will be 10 competitors. The top five scorers and five men from medium and large saw class are to fell a tree, with the goal to hit a balloon filled with chalk when it lands. Time will start when the saw hits the wood.

All final decisions will be made by Representatives and Employees of Montague Tool.

All lumberjacks and lumberjills must be 18 or older to compete and must sign a waiver form. Those interested in competing can register in person starting a 5 p.m., or go to Montague Tools website to download the forms on the Woodsman tab section:

For further information contact Bill Oswald at 610-653-5245, or 973-948-6400 ext 20 or email