Kelsey Grammer pours his brewery’s beer at Mohawk House

Sparta. Actor turned brewmeister says ‘Cheers” to Mohawk House and Jersey

| 19 Oct 2021 | 10:14

Known to many as one of Sam Malone’s most faithful customers on the popular ‘80s comedy series, ‘Cheers,’ Dr. Frasier Crane (in real life Kelsey Grammer) is on the other side of the bar these days. He’s serving up beer made at his Faith American Brewing Company around the state. He did so on Monday at Mohawk House which will now be tapping kegs of Faith American Ale and Faith American Calico Man IPA.

“We’re looking to open up in Jersey as much as we can,” Grammer said. “Mohawk House is a great place and we’re happy Faith American beer will be sold here and elsewhere around the state.”

Grammer said he prides himself on having “really really good tasting beer.” To this end, he’s helped create the recipes himself and tweaked them until they were of that standard.

Raj Sinha, owner of Liberty Farm, and Assemblyman Harold J. Wirths were in attendance to meet with Grammer as were representatives of High Grade Beverage.

“I like to make visits to see the bars that serve our beer and because people know me as an actor,” Grammer said. “We have a great product and I enjoy getting the word out to the public about it.”

Grammer portrayed the character of Frasier Crane for a total of 20 years including 11 on the show Frasier and nine seasons on Cheers, a show about a bar named Cheers in Boston where a group of locals meet to hang out.

The Cheers theme song calls the bar a place “where everybody knows your name.” That’s the way Grammer, who has won Golden Globes, Tonys, Emmys, you name it, entered Mohawk House on Monday. He drove up in an unassuming orange car — not a limo or anything fancy — and he dressed casually. He shook the hands of those he met introducing himself as Kelsey and comfortably slid under the bar to pour some beer. For a few minutes, Mohawk House became Cheers centered around the karma of one of the shows most remembered actors.

Find Faith American Brewing Company beers as well as many other selections at Mohawk House.