Westwind Manor adds new building

Franklin. The Westwind Manor is adding a new building to and accomodate the rise in assisted living needs. there will be an open house scheduled for Jan. 19 and 20 from 11 a.m. until 3 p.m. so the public can get a look at the new additions to the complex.

13 Jan 2020 | 04:02

The Westwind Manor has made some improvements and owner Todd Tavares is ready to unveil them to the public.

The Tavares family will open the facility for an Open House, scheduled for Saturday, Jan. 18, and Sunday, Jan. 19, from 11 a.m. until 3 p.m. each day.

Representatives from Dr. Fielding’s office will be on-site, tours will be given, and questions answered about the various packages that are available for potential residents.

The Tavares family has been providing care to seniors for over 12 years. The family purchased Westwind Manor in 2007 and renovated the turn-of-the-century home preserving the historic detail while providing modern day conveniences for comfort and security.

In 2017, Tavares decided it was time to add a new wing of 36 beds to, "help accommodate a rapidly growing need and demand for assisted living services throughout the tri-state area.”

Tavares began the legwork, and fast forward a couple years, the building is ready for occupancy. In addition to bedrooms, a new reception area with resident mailboxes has been created, a commercial kitchen, dining and lounge areas, salon/spa and chapel have all been added to the building.

The bedrooms vary in size, all have walk-in showers with magnetic detachable shower heads, kitchenettes, and are equipped with safety pulls and protocols to contact a wellness station. With a pull, a light will go on outside the bedroom and the room number will illuminate on a control board that is monitored by a staff member 24 hours a day.

An option for residents, is to have an Amazon Alexa App that will provide a convenient way for seniors to use voice commands and communicate with family on a regular basis. Tavares demonstrated the ease of use by asking Alexa to turn off the bedside lamp.

The décor and design of the new building are comprised of earth tones to promote a tranquil environment.

Tavares said he works with residents and their families to create a living space that is comfortable for them. The model bedrooms that will be shown during the Open House exemplify the calming environment that was designed by Nicola Jane Callaghan, creative director of Nicola Jane Interiors.

Tavares envisioned the chapel a couple of years ago after visiting St.Patrick’s Cathedral in New York City. Tavares said,

“It just came to me and I worked with architect, Peter Kalafut to include it in the designs,” Tavares said. "

The chapel is dedicated and named after Sister Thomasina Gebhard, whose portrait is displayed in the front of the chapel along with a humanitarian award and acknowledgement placard. Some of Sister Thomasina's good works supported include the 24-hour HelpLine, Meals on Wheels, home health services, clothing banks, and crisis and family counseling. Sister Thomasina also founded the Samaritan Inn, a non-profit organization that has been helping homeless families in Sussex County since 1977.

According to Tavares, "she truly devoted her life to helping those in need and was a true friend of Westwind Manor who spent hours here meeting with seniors and providing companionship before her passing in 2018.”

Tavares also hopes to open a rooftop terrace off the chapel room, "Just imagine doing a painting class here or sitting outside and watching a beautiful sunset. It will be wonderful.”

The existing living room in the historic building will be an area where residents can still enjoy live musical performances, while the dining area will continue to be used for additional activities including cooking and baking classes.

Todd Tavares, owner of Westwind Manor, invites the public to come see the new state-of-the-art assisted living facility during an Open House Event scheduled for Saturday, January 18th and Sunday, January 19th from 11:00am – 3:00pm each day. Representatives from Dr. Fielding’s office will be on-site, tours will be given, and questions answered about the various packages that are available for potential residents.
For more information please refer to Westwind Manor on Facebook or westwindmanor.com. Address is 25 Main Street, Franklin, NJ. 973-827-6575