Transmission rate ‘setting off alarms’

31 Jul 2020 | 03:43

Sussex County. After a June lull, coronavirus cases are creeping up again in Sussex County, even as the number of deaths has flatted (see chart). “Wear a mask,” said New Jersey Gov. Phil Murphy today, July 31. “Stop hosting house parties. Now.” Murphy said the transmission rate statewide now stands at 1.35 percent, which far exceeds the less-than-one rate -- the rate that each infected person transmits the virus -- needed to significantly slow it down. “These numbers are setting off alarms,” said Murphy. “The only way to silence these alarms is by taking this seriously.” He said he was taking any immediate measures in response but added, “consider this as being put on-notice. We will not tolerate these devil-may-care, nonchalant attitudes any more.” New Jersey is one of the few states that has succeeded in flattening the curve, with the nation’s worst hotspots concentrated in the South. But New Jersey has seen rising numbers, especially in Delaware County and the Philadelphia area.