Sugar Sweet Farms opens petting zoo

Sep 29 2017 | 03:47 AM

The Sugar Sweet Farms Petting Zoo is open every weekend for business on Route 94 in Lafayette.
For $5 per person, customers enjoy playing and feeding among the animals: Friday: 5–9 p.m.; and Saturday. and Sunday.: 10 a.m. - 5 p.m. Feed costs $1 per cup.
Along with face painting, Pixie Pop the Clown, Kerry Tobin, creates balloon animals for the children.
Owner Dennis Sugar explained his involvement with animals started as a backyard hobby in 2010. He added, he enjoys the animals, and he really enjoys seeing the kids.
In July, they moved to the property, started selling animals, and then decided to begin the petting zoo as of the first weekend in August.
His girlfriend, Sheri Brady, added, they also sell local produce and farm fresh eggs.
Sugar pointed to a pumpkin launcher where adults launch pumpkins as far as 150 feet.
Lovey is their star donkey. Sugar said. Everyone loves to see the 16-year-old donkey, which arrived last year from another petting zoo.
His daughter, Lexi, fed Lovey Cotton Candy Grapes - Lovey's favorite. She said, she likes Hammy the Pig, and “I really love Lovey.”
Sugar's son Zaine also really likes the farm and is there all the time.
Faithful customer, 10-year-old Paul, who visits almost every weekend, gave Lovey a big hug and said, “I love you, Lovey.”
Helper Vicki Schroeder said, “He's one of our biggest fans.”
A piglet runs through the grass as a peaceful breeze rustles the air, with cicadas singing in the background. Rabbits let little boys hold and pet them. Goats, calves, and lambs “nudge, nudge” for friendly feed. Peacocks look elegant, and a flock of beautiful white ducks and mallards, “Quack, quack,” while roosters and chicks add to the group.
Two and one-half – year-old Melody feeds the animals. She is very popular, as they surround her.
Her dad said, all she ever tells me do is to buy a farm; “This is her favorite thing.”
Customers traveled all the way from Pompton Lakes and Vernon Township to feed, pet, and hold the animals.
Different organizations and fund raisers also enjoy the petting zoo. Sugar said, about 17 SCARC members recently visited– an organization for people with developmental disabilities; and Sugar Sweet Farms also held a cheer team fund raiser.
Sugar grew up in Ogdensburg and has lived in Sussex County all his life.