Rolling Hills students send artwork overseas

Jun 10 2019 | 01:49 AM

Recently, a mother of one of Mrs. Portner's art students, Renee Arias, told of how much her husband appreciated having their son's artwork at his new military base in Kuwait. He also expressed regret that others did not have such brightly colored walls.
As a result of this conversation, the art students of Rolling Hills created colorful spring flower paintings. They made dot-painted flowers with fun faces for each of the army soldiers at that base. As the students were doing this project, another student in the same class revealed that her father was deployed as well, in a different location. In all, 320 paintings were sent to Kuwait and 120 paintings were sent to Africa - one for each member of these two units, plus a few extra.
Along with the students' artwork, the photos of students Leah Glading and Marcus Arias were included for their dads.