Ogdensburg Day queen thankful to council

Ogdensburg. The Borough Council says the public believed the annual festival was a success.

16 Sep 2019 | 04:04

Pat Sabourin personally thanked the Ogdensburg Borough Council for giving her husband, George, and her the honor of being named the King and Queen of Ogdensburg Day.

She said they would try to make the council proud of them during the year.

Mayor George Hutnick told her the decision was easy, and they deserved it.

Sabourin said there were many people who have done a lot.“

We were very, very pleased," she said. "Very happy, and our family is. It’s all the way out to Michigan.”

Hutnick said there was a live stream on Facebook for the family to see.

She said, even though they are not riding on the ambulance, they were in Ogdensburg to help anyone who needs them.

“You don’t have to ride," Hutnick said. "You’re the king and queen.”

Sabourin concluded, “Thank you, one and all. George and I truly appreciate it.”

Hutnick said he understood from the general public Ogdensburg Day was a huge success, with outstanding fireworks, rides, and events. He publicly thanked Vicki Schroeder for organizing the field events and Council President Michael Nardini for organizing the fishing contest, along with Nasisi.

Nardini said there were many fish at Heater’s Pond because of a fresh delivery, and around 20 families participated.

Other business

Nardini said the grant writers will be reviewing grants for the Bettino Drive repair, possibly Predmore Road., and other catch basins.

Going forward, Nardini said he will show the council the water spreadsheet he uses, with the possibility of using something similar for the DPW list of repairs and wish lists. He said the spread sheet has helped track completed water projects, bigger repairs, and would help with budgeting in January.

Additionally, Nardini said their new system, where the DPW marks residents’ properties with red flags if they are behind in quarterly water payments, is working. He said, people are calling and paying.

Schroeder announced the Sterling Hill Haunted Mine Tour is Oct. 25 and 26, and it benefits the eighth grade trip to Boston. There are two versions of the tour, she said. The less scary tour is from 6–6:50 p.m.; and the long scare is from 7 – 9:50 on both nights.