Ogdensburg adds photo class

Ogdensburg. Students in new photography class completed project that required them to capture a single drop of water.

| 05 Nov 2019 | 04:04

Students at the Ogdensburg School have a brand new photography class to add to their choice of academic electives.

The class, led by Natalie Takacs, teaches the fundamentals of photographic composition and touches on the more technical aspects of the art form. Noted photographer and Ogdensburg resident, Paul Michael Kane, is a constant lecturer during the class, held during the last period of the school day, on every Monday and Tuesday.

"These students are learning a craft and a creative outlet," Kane said. "I am so very impressed by the vision the kids are showing me."

Kane is published around the world and is creator of the best selling LightBox Photography Cards.

One of of the first class projects was the very complicated shot of trying to get a single, solitary drop of water in frame."These kids nailed it!" Kane remarks.

These kids nailed it," Kane said. "Not only did they capture the shot, but they also started experimenting with color and reflections."

Kane said hopes to leave a lasting impression with the students and make them see the world in a whole new way.