Macaroni Kid celebrates week of kindness

Hardyston. The event promoted the Weekend Bag Program, which was created by Isobel Costello, which helps battle juvenile food insufficiency.

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30 Sep 2019 | 03:41

Macaroni Kid of Sussex County celebrated their week of kindness, Saturday, Sept. 28, by promoting the Weekend Bag Program at a carnival in Hardyston Middle School.

The administration and Board of Education donated their building in support of the Weekend Bag Program.

The Weekend Bag Program is a program created by Isobel Costello, which provides food and hygiene products anonymously to battle juvenile food insufficiency in Sussex County schools. During the 2018-19 school year, the program distributed approximately 14,640 meals, costing around $30,000.

For the upcoming 2019-20 school year, the Weekend Bag Program anticipates 150 more students to be placed in the program, increasing the cost to approximately $100,000.

Publisher Danielle Barris, of Macaroni Kid Sussex, explained they do something every year around this time to promote kindness in the community, and she could not think of anyone better than Isobel and the Weekend Bag Program. Barris said they wanted to bring awareness to what Isobel, and family, is doing, making sure the community understands she needs their support. Furthermore, Barris said, without everyone in the community helping, Isobel would not have been able to accomplish all she has done so far or continue to grow the program over time.

Isobel said her siblings are helping, as always; and they are the future. She also hopes her peers and underclassmen in all the schools will take a step and really push the program forward in order to stay alive.

Volunteers put the carnival together: Macaroni Kid Sussex, Girl Scout Troop 5688 of Newton, the Newton Future Farmers of America, of which Isobel is the Vice President, family friends, and Isobel’s mother, Dawn, father, John, and sisters, Magdalen and Olivia.

Magdalen said she and Olivia help Isobel get the bags together late, because they have a lot of activities, by putting food and meals in the bags. Then she said, she and Olivia bring the bags to the nurse’s office at Green Hills School. Magdalen added, a lot of people do not have food over the weekend.