Live updates: Sussex County’s COVID-19 hospitalizations and cases

Use the interactive map below to see the latest COVID-19 numbers in Sussex County, outlining current local active cases, the virus’ “curve” of daily infections since March, and more.

| 28 Feb 2021 | 11:55

    The live graphics below detail the latest COVID-19 cases in Sussex County. On top, you will find the total number of new cases reported over the last 14 days. Click on neighboring counties to see how they compare. To see the map outlining fatalities over the last two weeks, click on the “Fatalities” bar.

    Below, a chart outlines the “curve” of daily cases since March. Click on, or hover over, the chart to see detailed data for each date.

    Scroll down to see the same detailed numbers for the entire state of New Jersey. Click on, or scroll over, neighboring counties to see how they compare.

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