ISpy game offers families a way to play outside, safely

Fredon. Families have fun and compete for prizes without leaving their cars. They look for clues -- some sort of spring setting in a window or doorway or spring-oriented place -- given on the ISpy Facebook page.

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14 Apr 2020 | 05:22

Terri Trapp of Newton, a local businesswoman, thought of all the folks stuck inside because of COVID-19.

“But it’s still spring, and it’s Easter time,” she said. “There needs to be some happy and a way to get out safely.”

After getting the blessings of both the Fredon and Stillwater mayors, she created “ISpy Fredon Stillwater,” a game to get parents and their kids out of the house safely for some family fun.

“Yes, any positive interaction for kids is a great idea," Fredon mayor John Flora told Trapp. He told her to call the township clerk for access to the town page.

“Lisa Chammings, the mayor of Stillwater, also thought it was a great idea,” Trapp said. “She was inundated with all she has on her plate right now, and I made sure I told her we’d do all the work. She was pleased with the idea.”

The ISpy game started on Good Friday and will continue until May.

“We sponsored and created an ISPY event for eggs, bunnies, and random spring items to be found in our towns,” Trapp said. “Folks don’t leave their cars, but get out of the house to follow clues. It’s also an encouragement to decorate for spring.”

Trapp and her husband, Mark, run a business called Team Trapp as independent representatives at Primerica Inc. They teamed up with several other local businesses to create ISpy.

“We felt a need to bring a positive family-focused activity,” Trapp said. “We’re asking local businesses to donate certificates for prizes."

Prizes will be awarded for best photo, most photos, most attentive, local business supporter, and most enthusiastic family.

“Many local businesses have been forced to temporarily shut down, and restaurants have gone to take out and delivery, so this gives people a chance to support them, as well," Trapp said.

Prizes will be announced on May Day at 1 p.m.

This is how it works: Clues are given on the ISpy facebook page. Residents track down the clues until they find the location, which is some sort of spring setting in a window or doorway or spring-oriented place.

Jackie and Larry McDonough’s house was the first location.

“It’s a great idea,” said Jackie McDonough. “It’s a spin-off on an Easter egg hunt but safe in these times. Terri and I do tea Zoom, so my idea was to set up a tea party in our window.”

So far, confirmed gift certificates are from Garriss General Store, Hayek’s Market, John’s Barber Shop, and No Excuses Personal Training for Women. Others are being added daily.

Registration for the ISpy event is free. Visit to sign up and get the family fun started.