Hardyston hosts TREP$ marketplace

Hardyston. The students of Hardyston Middle School prepared for the holiday season by hosting a TREP$ marketplace as part of the popular after-school activity that teaches kids how to run and maintain their own businesses.

09 Dec 2019 | 03:06

Magnets, ornaments, art, scrunchies, T-shirts, squishy stress balls, were just some of the items available for purchase at the TREP$ Marketplace held at the Hardyston Middle School Friday night.

TREP$ is an “innovative after-school program that teaches kids the skills they need to start their own business.”

TREP$ Marketplace allows children an opportunity to use what they learned in the workshops to launch their business and sell their items. The TREP$ Marketplace event was sponsored by the Kiwanis Club of Greater Hamburg and the Hardyston Middle School.

The Kiwanis Club is a volunteer organization that helps mentor for children. Standing atop of the staircase at the Hardyston Middle School, Karen Dunn from the Kiwanis Club, welcomed everyone to the Marketplace. Dunn said, “You will find phenomenal and fantastic things from these young entrepreneurs.”

Hardyston Superintendent Michael Ryder perused through the Marketplace stopping at the tables and admiring their work.

To find out more about what Kiwanis is doing for kids in the community or becoming a volunteer, find the club on Facebook.