Giordano announces he won't seek re-election

14 Mar 2019 | 03:38

    During closing remarks in an otherwise routine Franklin Borough Council meeting, Mayor Nicholas Giordano announced he will not seek re-election.
    Giordano thanked everyone, especially his family and Administrator Alison Littell McHose.
    Citing difficulty in work-life balance and despite the job being one “that doesn’t necessarily pay well but brings with it lots of responsibility, it was a tough choice.” Giordano added that he was happy to be in “public service for 14 years” and encourages others to step up and get involved. He said,
    “I am very serious about service and hope I added a bit of character to the meetings, please get involved," he said.
    Earlier in the meeting, Giordano encouraged residents to go to the borough website to review the 60-plus page document regarding the historic Main Street rehabilitation and the zinc mine redevelopment areas. Although initially on the agenda to discuss, with councilman John Postas and Glenn Soules absent, Giordano asked that it be tabled for the next meeting.
    Giordano mentioned pop-up type businesses for Main Street and Alison Little McHose mentioned Miller’s Nook as a newer business to Franklin that does partner with pop-up type businesses within their business.
    McHose will have more information on bid specifications for the 2019 Services for the Pond at the next meeting along with more information on lifeguard needs. She explained that the insurance company dictates how many lifeguards are needed based on ability to see all swimming spots, not necessarily how many people are at the pond at any given time.
    Street lights was also on the agenda. The Borough is looking for resident input and police department input on areas that need more and better lighting. Administrator Littell McHose said she believes there was a survey completed in the past. The intersection of Main Street and Larue Street was mentioned along with some sections of Cork Hill Road. Council member Joseph Limon said, “I am happy this is moving forward. People have asked me about lighting for years.”
    Council member Gilbert Snyder and Mayor Giordano asked Administrator Littell McHose to look into the TAP grant availability. The Transportation Alternatives Program was “established by Congress in 2012 and is funded through a set-aside of the Federal-aid Highway Program. TAP provides federal funds for community based non-traditional projects designed to strengthen the cultural, aesthetic and environmental aspects. TAP projects must relate to surface transportation.”
    Mayor Giordano stated marijuana will need to be discussed at a later date given latest state laws. Mayor Giordano has concerns about driving under the influence of drugs, citing recent events in the borough, specifically one involving a car crash near his house.