Genetic Testing comes to Vernon Nutrition Center

Dec 04 2018 | 02:33 AM

Nutrition counseling is a science, but it is also a relatively new science that is constantly evolving. No two individuals are alike, which is why many times one dietary strategy results in success — such as weight loss — with one person yet fails to with another. New research has shown that an individual's genetic makeup plays a huge role in what dietary strategies will improve health as well as what forms of exercise will provide the greatest benefits.
Because of this research and her perpetual mission to provide the most innovative options to her clients, Vernon Nutrition Center's founder, Erin Palinski-Wade, RD, CDE, LDN, has brought genetic testing to the center.
Palinski-Wade is a nationally recognized nutrition and fitness expert who has contributed her expertise to national media outlets such as the CBS Early Show, The Doctors, ABC News, and MSNBC. She is the best-selling author of the "2 Day Diabetes Diet along with"Belly Fat Diet For Dummies, and“Walking Off the Weight For Dummies”. She is also the co-author of "Flat Belly Cookbook For Dummies."
A sought-after speaker, spokesperson, and nutrition consultant with a specialization in the areas of diabetes, weight management, pre and post natal nutrition, sports nutrition, and cardiovascular disease, Palinski-Wade is a Registered Dietitian, Certified Personal Trainer, and Certified Diabetes Educator and currently serves on the Nutrition Advisory Board for the College of Saint Elizabeth. She is also an adoring wife and proud mother of two.
“We strive to use every tool available to provide each of our patients with the most personalized nutrition counseling available,” Palinski-Wade said. “For years, we have used indirect calorimetry to identify the unique metabolisms of our clients for the best weight loss success. And now, we are able to offer genetic testing to show each individual exactly what nutrients, dietary strategies, and exercises will provide them with the most effective health and fitness results.”
Genetic testing is very simple, yet very effective.
“By just simply using a cotton swap to wipe the inside of the cheek, your genetic code can be evaluated for up to 60 unique genes that each provide specific insight into your health risks and nutrition and fitness needs,” she said. “For instance, genes determine if reducing certain forms of dietary fat will result in lowering your cholesterol or not.”
Furthermore, a person's genes the nutritionists the percentage of macro-nutrients that will best help an individual achieve his or her weight goals.
At Vernon Nutrition, professionals are seeing that for anyone who has tried to make diet and lifestyle changes and failed to see results, genetic testing may be the best solution.
“The great thing about your genes is that they do not change,” Palinski-Wade said.”So if you test them once, you will have all the information you need at your fingertips for a lifetime to help you prevent and manage health conditions, body weight, and achieve fitness goals.”
The genetic testing used at Vernon Nutrition Center shows everything from the forms of exercise that will be most effective at improving fitness and promoting weight loss for each individual, to which nutrients he or she are most likely to be deficient in (due to genetic ability to absorb certain nutrients better than others), to the exact ratio of carbohydrates/protein/and fat that will help to achieve your healthiest weight.
Genetic testing is secure, discrete, and very convenient. For people who want to unlock their genetic code, they can simply call the office. From there, they will be sent a testing kit to complete the cheek swab at home, then in just a few weeks the results are ready and they can schedule an appointment or video chat session to receive their complete analysis and understand how their genes can help them to achieve they most pressing diet and health goals.
Those wishing to set up genetic testing can contact Vernon Nutrition Center at 973.827.1733 or at to learn more and schedule a session. Gift certificates for genetic testing are also available.
Vernon Nutrition's Franklin office is located at 6 Oxbow Lane in Franklin, and their Montvale office is located within Finest Physical Therapy, 200 Summit Avenue, A1A, in Montvale.