Franklin passes on sign ordinance

Franklin. The Borough Council did not move forward with an ordinance that would allow temporary "help wanted" signs advertising open job positions. Council members asked whether it would allow freestanding signs as well.

12 Mar 2020 | 04:36

The Franklin Borough council did not introduce an ordinance on March 10 that would allow temporary "help wanted" signs on businesses.

The signs ordinance that would allow temporary "help wanted" signs advertising a job position displayed on the building or in a window for any business or commercial zone that was hiring.

Councilman Stephan Zydon Jr. asked Borough Attorney John Ursin for clarification, specifically as to whether freestanding signs were implied with this ordinance since not specifically stated.

Ursin said the ordinance “does not speak to freestanding signs.”

Zydon asked for freestanding signs added to the ordinance change, and no time limit for the posting.

“I am starting to have a problem with the word 'regulation'," he said.

Zydon said he believes businesses should be permitted to post freestanding ‘help wanted’ signs so job positions can be filled.

Councilman John Postas also asked for clarification of the sign ordinance regarding size of the freestanding signs.

Ursin suggested the ordinance be tabled and revised to reflect specifically what the council wanted it to say about freestanding signs and time limits.