Franklin declares support for 2nd Amendment

Franklin. The Franklin Borough Council passed a resolution on Tuesday signalling support for the 2nd Amendment of the constituation, believing further regulation violates the amendment and the rights of gun owners.

16 Jan 2020 | 02:05

Franklin Borough joined a list of local towns declaring support for Second Amendment rights on Tuesday night.

Prior to the vote, Mayor John Sowden IV asked that the phrase “Whereas, the Borough believes that further regulation, including misapplied and misused “red flag” laws, violates the Second Amendment and the rights of gun owners” be changed to “Whereas the Borough Council...”

This came to be as a result of a resident speaking up during the public forum specifically asking that the word ‘Council’ be added after Borough. His rationale for asking stemmed from the belief that this is not being voted upon by the citizens of the Borough and he himself was not in favor of it.

This same resident subsequently thanked Mayor Sowden during second pubic session for having the word added.

American with Disabilities Act-compliant equipment will be installed at the playground at Franklin Pond and a proposal for an inspection was passed. The inspection will be performed by Corby Associates, Inc.

“The playground is inspected every year for insurance purposes, but this particular firm is certified specifically on safety,” Borough Administrator Allison Littell McHose said.

She added that during the walk through on where to place the ADA complaint playground equipment, there were a couple of things pointed out. Councilman Gilbert Snyder explained that the “Recreation area is closed until any needed repairs are made.”

Borough Attorney Ursin recommended tabling the discussion on Equity Environmental Engineering, LLC proposal to clean up the berms at Franklin Gun Club. He cited that the ground is probably frozen anyway.

During the second public forum, a resident inquired whether a façade ordinance to a preserve the historic look of a building exists.

Sowden said there was no such ordinance but seemed to like the idea and said it coincides with his thoughts about making Franklin a historical tourism destination. He affirmed that he would look into such an ordinance.