Franklin announces police promotions

28 Nov 2018 | 12:53

With the approaching date for Police Chief Eugene McInerney’s retirement, the Borough of Franklin Council approved numerous promotions at the Police Department and one new hire on Nov. 27.
Many council members thanked McInerney and congratulated those receiving promotions. Lt. Greg Cugliari has been promoted to Chief of Police, Sgt. Seamus Geddis to Captain, Sgt. Nevin Mattessich to Lieutenant, Patrolman Will Grissom to Sergeant and Brendan Prol as the new hire, Patrolman Step 1.
Council Member Gilbert Syder indicated that the salaries and contracts still needed to be discussed. Council President Dawn Fantasia said there are certain statutes, like a 5 percent increase for a Captain. Mayor Giordano asked for the guidelines to be presented and during the congratulatory comments, all agreed contracts and salaries would be worked out soon.
Also, during the Council meeting, Giordano planted a seed on the idea to relax zoning laws to allow for pop-up type stores in Franklin. During the Mayor’s report, Giordano explained he would like to see stores come to Main Street and on Route 23, north of Mabie Street.
“Businesses can do a trial run to see if the business would work well in the area, similar to the Halloween store at the former Staples Building,” he said.
The council approved Ordinance No. 15-2018 to increase the time limit for parking on various sections on Main Street, north-side, from 30 minutes to 2 hours.