Cedar Mountain school holds shop

13 May 2019 | 12:30

The Cedar Mountain Primary School Community Association (SCA) held their Mother/Father’s Day Shop from April 29 through May 1.
During the sale, students purchased gifts for guardians, grandparents, and parents.
SCA President Denise Clarke said the SCA does not make any money off of the sale, and it is more hospitality, where students learn about money, counting, and shopping on their own.
She said they started preparing in January, after the holiday sale before Christmas. Then on the Thursday before spring break, Clarke said, they set up and prepared tables.
At Cedar Mountain on Monday, Clarke was on her way out the door to purchase more items. Everything they sold, Clarke added, came from dollar stores.
Kindergarten teacher Jaclyn Schwarz brought her class to come shopping on Monday morning.
SCA Vice Pres. Megan Minter worked at the cash register, while diligent Kindergarten students counted money to pay for their gifts. Everything was a dollar.
Other little ones happily chattered, as they waited in line for an adult to help them shop.
After they finished shopping, students colored a picture for mom, dad, or a loved one.
Minter said, many parents and teachers helped the students make purchases at the SCA sponsored event.