Greg Stiansen

19 Apr 2020 | 10:53

Greg Stiansen of Stockholm, N.J., returned to his heavenly home on Saturday, April 11, 2020, surrounded by his loving wife and mother, and in the thoughts and prayers of his loving family.

His firm belief in God and his devotion to his family kept him hopeful, optimistic and courageous throughout his 10-month trial. He remained faithful and true to his Heavenly Father. Hope held his hand and renewed his strength daily so he could soar on the wings of eagles until the day God called him home. In that day, Love carried him.

Greg was born in Morristown, N.J., in 1996 and has been a resident of Sussex County for many years. In his early years, he attended Sussex Christian School K through 8. The school supported and helped nurture the values of his firm foundation with God, which carried him throughout his life. At the age of 7, he chose to be baptized into his Father’s family in a river in Montana. His high school years were spent at Sussex Tech, where he met his best friend, wife, and God-chosen companion. He graduated Sussex County Community College with a criminal justice degree and continued his courses through Rutgers towards his goal of becoming a community police officer.

Greg was a member of the Hardyston Fire Department and worked at Franklin ShopRite and at SP Plus, parking and traffic control at MetLife Stadium. His God-given talents were many, and God chose his hands to creatively express himself in many areas such as drawing, writing, piano, origami roses for his wife and pottery, but his best talents lied within, in his love, kindness, gentleness and thoughtfulness of others. In his own words: “Food for thought in your day. Trials and tribulations come in different shapes and sizes for all of us. For me, its leukemia, which through patience, perseverance, amazing support and strong faith, I have seen incredible results. Whether you’re religious or not, always remember that testing of all kinds will occur in your life. Some trials are hard, and put you through more than you thought you could handle. But look back and see your past trials. They were once that same difficult test. Nothing is too difficult, and nothing is worth giving up for. With that in mind, enter a trial with positivity, knowing that you’re being molded to perfection, lacking in nothing.”

A Life Celebration Gathering and Memorial Service will take place at a later date. Follow the F. John Ramsey Funeral Home website ( for further information.