Ogdensburg authorizes bond for Heater's Pond dam

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  • From left, Mayor Steve Ciasullo presents a proclamation to Ogdensburg First Aid Squad representatives Patricia Sabourin and Alan Arduini.

  • Councilman George Hutnick discusses the Sterling Hill Mining Museum scholarships.

  • From left, Mayor Steve Ciasullo and student Deven Wylie listen to resident Jean Castimore's question about Heater's Pond Dam.

The Ogdensburg Council unanimously authorized, on May 8, the $452,000 bond ordinance rehabilitating Heater's Pond Dam; the $110,700 ordinance authorizing various public improvements, including equipment, machinery, and vehicle; and the ordinance appropriating $75,500 currently in the water capital fund balance.

Council President Rachel Slater and Councilman David Astor were absent.

Regarding rehabilitating Heater's Pond Dam, Mayor Steve Ciasullo said monies in a designated trust fund will be used to pay off the state loan, as payments are due each year.

Resident Jean Castimore asked how much water in Heater's Pond will be lowered for the rehabilitation of the dam.

Ciasullo said, as far as the engineering plan, he did not think any lowering was involved, because all the work is outside of the water area. However, he recently received an email explaining the reasons for beginning the work in September are to protect: bats, turtles, frogs, fish, trout, and things he has never seen in the stream.

He continued, the majority of the work will be in October, November, and December. Engineering then assumes work will slow down due to weather, and they will finish in early spring. The engineers are following a state time table.

Regarding the $110,700 appropriation, Ciasullo said, it is a bond for capital items to be purchased and repaired this year.

The council also unanimously accepted the $7,632 Solitude Lake Management contract to treat Heater's Pond from April 1 until Sept. 30.

They also unanimously appointed Magret Rodriguez as their part time Court Administrator at a rate of $22 per hour, with a $3 increase upon completion of certification. Her probationary time will count toward benefits; and her work hours will be Monday through Thursday 9 a.m. to 2 p.m.

Councilman Peter Opilla said he asked Department of Public Works Supervisor Chris Ross to obtain competitive bids for the loop repair on Beardslee Hill Drive.

Mayor Steve Ciasullo presented a proclamation to Ogdensburg First Aid Squad representatives, Patricia Sabourin and Alan Arduini, proclaiming May as First Aid Month.

Ciasullo said, the council is setting up meetings with Elizabethtown Gas, and he will ask Councilman George Hutnick to attend the next meeting in Ogdensburg. He added, Elizabethtown has a preliminary plan to send letters to town residents regarding interest in converting to natural gas; and they hope to send the surveys before the fall.

Councilman Robert Gunderman received an update from Atlantic Communications regarding security equipment.

Ciasullo said, after they get the capital, which was started that night, the council will move forward on purchases.

Hutnick said the Sterling Hill Mining Museum established a scholarship program this year for Ogdensburg resident Seniors graduating from high school and pursuing STEM in college. Gabriella Ciasullo, Courtney Rocks, Randi Lyn Hornyak, and Brianna Rocks will receive $2,500 toward college. Also, the museum is considering continuing the scholarships through their Senior year of college.

The Sterling Hill Mining Museum, Hutnick continued, moved the 1942 caboose they have been restoring for the last year. He said, it was donated from the Borough of Fanwood, and the museum has scoured the country for original parts, down to the boiler and every fixture and hinge. Hutnick added, it was rather impressive, as the caboose was lifted and moved from the repair yard.

Deven Wylie, Franklin eighth grader, sat next to Ciasullo throughout the meeting taking notes for his Social Studies class. Wylie will write and present a report regarding municipal government as a class assignment.

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