Pike County needs warriors now

09 Sep 2020 | 01:03

    To the Editor:

    Pike County and America need Warriors now. We are in a war time that is socially, politically, and more so culturally different than any other prior time. Cyberspace created a whole new platform to engage in war-like behavior. Our iPads and iPhones are presently used like guns with bullets that can harm and even kill.

    Rumor promotion, defamation, and reputation annihilation is now commonplace and viewed as acceptable American behavior. Our internet presence is no longer precious and secure. Our cyber footprint is now trounced on and always vulnerable to full frontal attack. We need warriors to remove keyboard warriors from cyberspace. We must find warriors willing to battle with the negative and spiteful cyber bullies and yes, scum.

    Pike County is experiencing an opioid epidemic, domestic violence, cyber and school-based bullying, political divides, and racial plus cultural and political tensions. Warriors are needed to demand transparency, honesty, and civility. Warriors must step up to the plate or we will lose our culture of America, a land of peace and home of the brave.

    Please join the new crusade. Please join the warrior ranks. We need you to don your armor and fight cyber and resultant real world negativity, adversity, and hate mongering.

    This year, 2020, has been so dismal. The remainder is the year brings Thanksgiving and religious high holidays for many religions. The years’s remaining months and days bring an election too. Please elect a warrior and be a warrior.

    Kevin Holian