Weakening the Endangered Species Act is plain nonsense

20 Aug 2019 | 02:17

    There is not much that one can say about Trump’s Cabinet or his Administration. We know that this nation and the world are headed for a recession, but this is not about economics. It is the notion that Trump and Andrew Wheeler, his foolish EPA Administrator are about to introduce rules that will weaken the Endangered Species Act (ESA)! The President and his EPA Administrator note the following: “ The Act itself hasn’t really been successful in many cities!” Plain nonsense on each man’s part, and I would have used more nasty words, if I could.

    The Truth:

    1. The ESA has, according to scientists, brought back the American Alligator, the grizzly bear, the bald eagle, our national symbol, the Florida manatee, the humpback whale, and many other species.

    2. Overall, statistics show that 47 species of plants and animals have been taken off extinction lists.

    3. A 2015 study by the International Union for Conservation of Nature found that 41 species improved or stabilized their population.

    Rather than diminishing the Endangered Species Act it should be broadened to save even more species. The President and his Administrator are back telling Pinocchios. What are they really after? Probably hunting such species and other wrongful acts that will ensure more endangered species, and the end of the effort to save such species, as the manatees. Richard Nixon signed this act into law, and Trump grounds these efforts via boots, and lack of knowledge.

    We the People need to start speaking up.

    Bill Weightman