Use local honey

08 May 2019 | 01:17

    I grew up in the day when home remedies were used to combat most health-related conditions. A skunk's grease and bacon fried onions poultice for a bad cold. A drop of rattlesnake oil was used for an earache and a spoonful of local honey for every day allergies. Dad knew where the wild bees had their hives in the woods. In the fall, he would collect some of the honey. Mom would heat the combs and strain the honey through a cheesecloth and kept it in quart jars. The wild bees would collect the pollen from trees and plants. Eating the honey, we as kids were immune to the allergies caused by the pollen in the spring. We had no runny noses, tearing eyes, or sneezing.
    Be sure to use local honey.
    Old Farmer.
    Fred T. Space