To achieve unity, we must first accept the truth

| 18 Jan 2021 | 05:55

    To the Editor:

    In the wake of recent events, many are calling for unity. Before unity can be achieved however, the truth needs to be accepted.

    Much of the recent turmoil has been borne of the “Big Lie”: the idea that Joe Biden did not win the election. Despite more than five dozen legal challenges in several states and even the Supreme Court, no election wrongdoings sufficient enough to change the results were found. Many of those presiding judges were appointed by republicans and many of those were appointed by the claimant himself.

    I would like to remind everyone that prior to the 2016 vote, Mr. Trump declared that that election was rigged. He won then, and those allegations vanished, only to be revived after the 2020 results.

    Elections have winners and losers. In the latest presidential election, Mr. Biden secured 7-plus million more votes than his opponent and received a 306-232 Electoral College victory. No challenges have shown these results to be incorrect. If there was truly election fraud at the required magnitude, the evidence would be glaringly apparent.

    No one likes it when their preferred candidate loses. But in a democracy, you accept the results and move on. Feel free to work within the system to promote your views and support candidates in the next election who align more closely with your goals.

    But for now, Joe Biden will be our President. There are big problems that need his immediate attention. He does not need to be mired by partisan bickering, or worse, more unrest.

    Michael Wilson

    Byram Township