Those who disagree with Trump’s policies do not hate America

27 Jul 2020 | 06:37

    It appears that today’s Republicans seem to confuse those of differing opinions of Trump’s policies as being “haters of America” and “unpatriotic.”

    I have experienced that sentiment before decades ago when I was 18 in 1969 and against the war in Vietnam. At the time those that opposed the war were considered “haters of America” and “unpatriotic.” I could be drafted, carry a gun, and kill, but I could not vote. At that time I was not allowed to vote because I was not 21, which changed in 1972.

    To express an opinion critical of government policy or action is not an expression of “hate for America” or lack of “patriotism” but rather to point out bad policies and try to make them better. History has shown the Vietnam war was bad policy, and many died for bad policy.

    Decades have passed and here we are with this pandemic, and Republicans now insist that if you disagree with Republican Trump’s policies you “hate America” and are “unpatriotic.” We have this pandemic situation that transcends political boundaries. It is not only killing people but it is also killing the economy and impacting education. Until we control the health issue folks will continue to die and the economy, as well as education, will continue to suffer.

    But Trump and Republicans have refused to listen to scientists and medical experts, so America is floundering in its effort to contain the virus. Republican states that heeded Trump’s insistence to open up before they “flattened the curve” and did not follow the CDC guidelines are now experiencing major outbreaks of cases and deaths, just as Dr. Fauci had warned. Those states have gotten so bad Trump has had to cancel his Jacksonville, Fla., convention because of not following the policy of good science.

    Trump and our government are failing us all, and America is losing its greatness, like a balloon losing air. We need to hold them accountable. We will all have our voices heard Nov. 3.

    Pieter W. Uptegrove