The Curious Case of Eng and Cheng

09 Mar 2020 | 03:32

    Once upon a time in the country of Siam were born a set of conjoined twins named Eng and Chang. They came to America and for some 40 years enjoyed a successful show business career. Each got married, had children and even had separate homes which split their time back and forth.Everything went smoothly until Eng decides to take up playing accordion. Chang is having no part of this, so they go to the doctor to see if they can be separated. The doctor informs them Eng is using Chang’s liver, but there is a procedure that can generate a new liver for Eng in only 9 months, after which they can be separated and go their separate ways. Chang, not wanting to endure another rendition of “Roll Out the Barrel”, takes the scalpel off the desk, cuts Eng loose, whereupon Eng drops dead on the office floor. Eng’s wife and children are furious and have Chang arrested for murder. They go to trial. Chang hires noted attorney Johnny Cochran who cites ‘Roe vs Wade’ as Chang’s defense. On the stand, Chang says Eng’s body, attached to Chang, was the property of Chang to be done with as he saw fit. Furthermore, since Eng had no liver, he was not actually a person and simply treated him as medical waste, like a skin tag. You have been selected for the jury. Is Chang guilty of murder? Was Eng indeed Chang’s property? Guilty or not? What is your verdict.

    Alex Wronka