The country is being destroyed by the far left’s agenda

24 Aug 2020 | 06:36

    To the Editor:

    Seldom do I make political comments but the time has come to make an educated synopsis of what the Democrats are trying to sell the American people.

    At no other time in this country’s history is it more important to make the right decision. If you love your children and grandchildren, if you love this country and if you want to give them a chance at a good life in this country, you must read the all facts documented book “Live Free or Die” by Sean Hannity. Whether you like Trump or not, it details the slow and absolute destruction of this country under the far left’s agenda.

    As a retired person and as a war veteran, I will not let this country be taken away from me for my children and grandchildren’s sake. All you “never Trumpers” read and be educated.

    Jochem R. Kresse