Roll back socialist policies

Oct 31 2018 | 09:24 AM

    The events of the last few weeks have caused me to make a couple of observations about some Democrats: 1. They still refuse to believe that Queen Hillary lost the election. 2. They still don't believe in the American system that people are innocent until proven guilty. No one's life should be destroyed based on accusations, no matter how elegantly they are verbalized.
    If in fact we now have a majority of conservative justices on the Supreme Court, and I personally hope that we do and get more, thhen I believe both political parties will have very real problems.Based on my limited knowledge, it appears no president has compliled with our constitution that they have chosen to preserve, protect and defend. Apparently the worst offenders being Franklin D. Roosevelt, and Barack Obama, both Democrats.
    Hopefully, with a majority of conservative justices on the Supreme Court, they will start to reverse the socialism that has been forced on us by Democrats, by some RINOs and by the previous liberal (socialist) Supreme Courts. Maybe we might even see prayers back in school.
    Our country was founded and flourished on individual rights, not socialism.
    William H. Gettler
    Wantage Township