Letter against mail-in voting is an attempt to intimidate and suppress the vote

Newton /
28 Aug 2020 | 03:16

    To the Editor:

    Letter writer Gary Tucker has penned the most tone-deaf, insensitive letter I have ever read. He says mail-in voting should be banned, proving he is living in the wrong century.

    Hey Gary: mail-in voting has been around for a number of years. There are numerous safeguards in place to protect the integrity of the vote count. Signatures are checked to make sure the vote is legitimate. Your suggestion of picture ID falls right in line with the attempt by the racist Republican Party to intimidate and suppress the vote. It will not succeed.

    And your claim that the Democrats have to cheat to win is as laughable as your entire letter.

    Gary, learn to accept defeat. Trump and his criminal regime is going to be ousted in an epic landslide.

    Michael Schnackenberg