Let’s stop the idiocy

02 Jun 2020 | 07:04

    To the Editor:

    I am not xenophobic or a racist by any means but I take extreme exception to Rep. Josh Gottheimer’s assumption that the Chinese coronavirus evolved naturally.

    COVID-19 is most definitely not “a huge curve ball thrown at us by Mother Nature.” It more than likely is a mutation of a previously known strain of coronavirus (probably SARS) stored in Wuhan China (undoubtedly for possible use as a biological weapon) which, due to horrendously inadequate security measures, made its way via an infected laboratory test animal into a Wuhan wet market for human consumption.

    Many Democrats like Gottheimer, Reed, et al., as well as the mainstream media, and the World Health Organization are playing right into the Chinese propaganda machine’s hand by being “politically correct” to an insane degree. Let’s stop the idiocy and call it out for what it is: a virus originating in and emanating from China; hence, a Chinese disease.

    Mother Nature had nothing whatsoever to do with this global pandemic.

    We should all reflect on how precious life is, and how fragile life is.

    Gregory Agen